Dear shareholders, customers, suppliers and THiS-stakeholders,

It is great to be able to look back on 2021, where the autumn in particular was intense and dynamic for the roll-out of THiS – The Health innovation System plan. Now we have put a solid organizational structure and recharged the batteries in the organization, and we are more than ready for 2022 – a year when we will together take THiS Group to new heights.

Last year, we built a strong framework in the company that we will build on in 2022. We have always focused on innovation that creates changes in health and lifestyle, while at the same time we have built up transparency and traceability for better health growth. Now we feel that everything is in place for 2022.

Successful ownership issue
The year ended with a successful ownership issue, which also became a good springboard for further growth. We were pleasantly surprised by the great interest among new investors. When the subscription period closed, we had more than 230 new shareholders who are now part of our joint journey towards better health. Together with strategic anchor investors, we have, in addition to the 230 new shareholders and ambassadors, also acquired a stable financial foundation to build on. The new shares are distributed in the company's share register, which can be accessed via and is expected to be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) shortly.

I have received phone calls and emails from committed shareholders. The conversations are most often characterized by our innovative business model with a focus on sugar reduction, a business model that I also used when I listed Bayn in 2014. This time we build on the existing business model, but now in a more systematic and integrated version. This time, the business model is permeated by significantly more partners in health innovation, which will create faster growth.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for the reliance from everyone involved and especially all the new shareholders.

Intensive negotiations on acquisitions
Right now we are having discussions and having a dialogue with about 20 potential acquisition candidates in health products and services, HealthTech, digital payment solutions and lifestyle entrepreneurs. In all cases, the starting point is that a merger should constitute both a competence alliance and a financial incentive. It is an extensive task to acquire companies and it is gratifying to be able to inform you that some leading players are in their absolute final stages of passing the eye of the needle and becoming part of the group.

Sureka delivers healthy chocolate to Spain and China
We have produced and distributed healthy and good chocolate to customers in Sweden, Spain, China and Hong Kong to their luxury segments. The reviews and reactions have been overwhelming and it will be exciting to follow up the rollout of Sureka. Discussions are currently underway with most major companies for the distribution of chocolate and other types of collaborations.

Karuu´s platform for cross border e-commerce is launched
Our subsidiary Karuu, which specializes in logistics and distribution to Europe and Asia, has launched its e-commerce platform and payment solution. One of Karuu's shareholders, the former World Cup gold medalist and table tennis player Jörgen Persson, is well known in Asia and made it possible for Karuu to be seen on the Swedish Table Tennis Association's match jerseys during the World Cup in Boston in November last year. Sweden also took a gold medal when they won the doubles final. Karuu is now in the starting blocks for a major expansion in all parts of the organization.

Dialogue with tax-free stores and hotel chains in China
THiS Group has a continued dialogue with tax-free stores and hotel chains with a focus on exporting health products. Product catalogs and lists have been distributed and are under evaluation. We are preparing strategic purchasing agreements during February 2022. This is a strategic distribution channel with a very large and interesting potential for THiS Group.

IPO and additional capital raising
The goal is a continued listing during the second half of 2022. A first initial dialogue with Nasdaq will be taken shortly. In addition, a financial and legal advisor will begin this process.

THiS business model is to create a strong corporate alliance with synergy effects in health and well-being. Prior to the IPO, we will raise a larger amount of capital to enable continued interesting acquisitions. We will inform you in more detail shortly in what form this will take place.

2022 – Off we go!
Now it feels like we can slowly but surely return to a more normalized society without any operational disruptions that the pandemic brought with it. I feel very confident for our joint journey! Once again, I would like to thank you for the trust, both from new shareholders but also those who have been involved in my business journey in health for a long time. Together we will achieve a high return on our "health stocks".

Best regards,
Lucy Dahlgren,
CEO, THiS Less-is-more Group

Om THiS Less-is-more Group AB
THiS Less-is-more Group AB bygger upp en företagsgrupp med fokus på hälsa och hälsosam livsstil. Dessa företag delar behovet av centraliserad digitalisering, distribution och kommersialisering av produkter och tjänster, och ska genom hållbart företagande bidra till att minska förekomsten av fetma, typ 2-diabetes, hjärt/kärlsjukdomar samt andra folksjukdomar.