Posterton AB (“Posterton”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of THiS Less-is-more Group AB (publ) (“THiS Group”), is undergoing changes in its management structure to strengthen its position in the B2B segment. As part of this strategic realignment, Posterton’s CEO and founder, Mattias Skog, will be stepping down.

The board has identified a new business model that involves Posterton focusing more on the B2B segment than before. To effectively execute this transition, the recruitment of a new CEO is currently underway, and Mattias Skog will be available during a transitional period to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities and knowledge.

"We thank Mattias Skog for his significant contributions to Posterton over the years and wish him all the best in his future endeavors," says Ali Farmandeh, Chairman of Posterton. "We are grateful for his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, which have helped establish Posterton as a prominent player in its industry. With the new business model, we will continue to drive success for Posterton and maximize our potential in the B2B segment."

"As the company has decided to focus more on new business areas within B2B, it feels right for me to now hand over the reins to someone who will lead it and propel Posterton forward. I am extremely grateful to all the investors and partners who have believed in me and my team, and who have been involved in starting and running Posterton for almost three years. I hope that they, as well as myself, will see a good return on their investment as shareholders in THiS Group," says Mattias Skog.

Mattias Skog will retain his position as a shareholder in THiS Group and will continue to support the company's progress and growth from a distance.