The Board of Directors of THiS Less-is-more Group AB (publ) (“THiS Group” or “the Company”) has today, with the support of authorization from the Extraordinary General Meeting on November 12, 2021, decided on a directed equity issue of a maximum of 6,818,181 ordinary shares, with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, which means an increase in the share capital of a maximum of SEK 647,727. Through the private placement, the Company will receive a maximum of SEK 60 million.

THiS Group has already initiated discussions with potential investors and it is estimated that the private placement will be completed no later than June 30, 2022. Potential investors have the opportunity to subscribe for a minimum of 1,000,000 shares at a subscription price of SEK 8.8 per share.

The new share issue entails a dilution effect of approximately 26.6 percent in relation to the number of ordinary shares in the Company and after the private placement, the number of shares in the Company will amount to a maximum of 32,463,158 shares. The company’s share capital is increased by a maximum of SEK 647,727.20 from SEK 2,436,272.82 to SEK 3,084,000.06.

The issue proceeds shall be used for the following:

  • Preparation for the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Digitization of the M&A platform and associated applications
  • Further strengthen E-commerce and the product range
  • Brand building and licensing costs
  • Further international establishment
  • Miscellaneous organizational costs

– As part of strengthening the already existing business, we are now raising additional capital. THiS Group is facing an expansive period where during the year we are also moving towards a stock exchange listing on Nasdaq Stockholm, either via a SPAC or a direct listing. In recent years, we have established a large number of business contacts all over the world. Through the right issue, we will be able to benefit from the network and quickly scale up the group and become a stronger player globally, says Lucy Dahlgren, CEO of THiS Group.

Om THiS Less-is-more Group AB
THiS Less-is-more Group AB bygger upp en företagsgrupp med fokus på hälsa och hälsosam livsstil. Dessa företag delar behovet av centraliserad digitalisering, distribution och kommersialisering av produkter och tjänster, och ska genom hållbart företagande bidra till att minska förekomsten av fetma, typ 2-diabetes, hjärt/kärlsjukdomar samt andra folksjukdomar.