About Posterton

Posterton is an e-commerce company selling premium posters and frames in 27 markets in Europe. Posterton has an integrated AR tool in the customer experience and drives sales through an AI engine across Europe. In 2021, Posterton signed an agreement with the store chain Mio to sell Posterton's products via Mio's website.

The board's justification for the decision

Posterton is a fast-growing company in an expansive industry that fits well into THiS Group's company portfolio. Through the acquisition, THiS Group's lifestyle segment is strengthened ahead of the market listing, which is intended to take place in the spring of 2023, and together with other subsidiaries within the group creates synergies to reach new markets in a fast and profitable way, both for Posterton and for other companies within the group.

During its more than two years of operation, Posterton has built up a very competitive premium offer on a scalable platform that, with great distribution power via warehouse/logistics in Central Europe and an AI engine, drives sales in 27 European countries. Through THiS Group's existing agreements and established networks, in Asia, for example, Posterton will have great opportunities to continue growing in new markets.

Ali Farmandeh, president and CEO of THiS Group, comments on the acquisition:

“We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Posterton. This is a strategically important deal for us that will strengthen our position in the lifestyle segment and create synergies that allow us to reach new markets quickly and profitably, both for Posterton and for our other portfolio companies. I also see the opportunity to combine products from our subsidiaries with what Posterton offers so that customers get new lifestyle concepts in their everyday lives. Posterton has built up a very attractive and scalable customer offer in a short time and will fit well in our company portfolio as we now prepare for the listing. I feel confident that this is important and will be a profitable investment that will benefit all shareholders in the long run.”

Mattias Skog, CEO and founder of Posterton, comments on the acquisition:

“We are very happy to become part of THiS Group. This is an opportunity for us to take our business to the next level and reach an even bigger market. We look forward to sharing THiS Group's experience and business network from the Asian market and believe that this will give us great opportunities to increase sales through more markets. At the same time, we are convinced that we will contribute to strengthening THiS Group's position in lifestyle and e-commerce and jointly with the group to the next level."