The subscription summary of the rights issue of units, consisting of shares and warrants, which was announced on June 20, 2023, and closed on July 10, 2023 (“Rights Issue”) in THiS Less-is-more Group AB (publ) (“THiS Group” or “the Company”), shows that 856,011 units were subscribed. The Rights Issue has provided THiS Group with approximately 3 million SEK.

– I am immensely grateful for the support from both our loyal existing shareholders and the new investors who have chosen to become part of THiS Group, which has now increased the number of shareholders to 292. Through the rights issue, we have secured additional capital for our operations, giving us a solid foundation to build upon for the future, says Ali Farmandeh, CEO of THiS Group.

Through the Rights Issue, the share capital of the Company increases by 81,321.045 SEK, from 3,164,101.92 SEK to 3,245,422.96 SEK, through the issuance of 856,011 B-shares. As a result, the number of B-shares increases from 33,166,286 to 34,022,297 shares. The number of A-shares in the Company amounts to 140,050 shares. The dilution amounts to approximately 2.5 percent.

The Company is still awaiting a final payment before the Rights Issue can be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket).

For further information, please contact:
Ali Farmandeh, CEO THiS Group,