THiS Less-is-more Group AB (publ) is responsible for organising, manage, and controlling global communication and distribution of healthy products and services. THiS Group is owned by the brand owners in proportion to their contribution in terms of balance sheet and business value, and is governed by a corporate governance agreement that balances intellectual capital and financial capital.

THiS Group’s goal is to support the financial sustainability of ambitious entrepreneurs and brand owners through profitable collaboration. An alternative to leading IT and distribution giants such as Amazon, THiS Group’s corporate vision is to increase the profit margins for smaller companies buy focusing on communicating the origin, content and health function of products and services.

THiS Group AB focuses on 5 business areas, including license partners
Sourcing and Supply 

THiS Frö Ingredient AB

THiS Val Health Food AB

Enlunds Nutrition AB

Brands Include:

Mucope is sea buckthorn oil in a vegetable capsule sold in health stores and by therapists. Sea buckthorn is a natural source of vitamins and other bioactive compounds which lower cholesterol, platelet aggregation, blood pressure, blood sugar.


Karuu AB

Karuu AB is your link between Nordic companies and global consumers. Karuu offers Nordic companies innovative sales channels, marketing and logistics directly to consumers in Europe and Asia (B2C, B2B). We focus on quality products within: health, beauty and personal care; food and beverages; clothes and fashion: mother and baby care; furniture and home decor.

THiS Nord Export AB

With a strategic purchasing agreement with a Chinese distributor for 140 million SEK, THiS Nord Export AB redefines the traditional way of exporting consumer goods. It is a e-trading platform that guides smaller sellers and consumer through simple and reliable product information to facilitate the export of Nordic health brand.

Marketing and sales

THiS Liv Cross Culture Media AB

Administration and R&D

THiS Fou Project Development AB

THiS Moln Data AB

License Partners

THiS Coop Shanghai

THiS Coop Shanghai Ltd., is licensee of THiS Group and consisting of 11 competence partners in IT, Data and Media. THiS Coop Shanghai Ltd. is responsible for marketing and data management according to Chinese law.


Sureka® is a trademark registered by THiS Coop Shanghai Ltd,. The trademark stands for “Sugar Reduced Eureka!”. Sureka® includes stevia and other plant-based ingredients for sugar reduction. Sureka® can be used for sugar substitution in chocolate, confectionery, bakery products, ice cream and soft drinks. It not only adds sweetness, but also creates a new sense of taste and texture while being low in energy.

Sureka® was developed through academic research in China, Finland and Belgium. Sureka®’s new sugar solution with chocolate is produced by one of the largest chocolate producers in Europe, which is committed to sustainable sugar reduction. Customers for Sureka® have been identified and developed in both Europe and China, where the solution is approved in accordance with each country’s food legislation.

Future M&A

THiS Group mergers with companies that together create an alliance with resources to make an impact in a competitive market. THiS creates and secures intellectual capital in the form of IP rights, brands, communication and distribution channels, and reliable data. The alliance thus creates a competitive alternative in the market and reach their products internationally. 

Discussions regarding future acquisitions are underway with several small and medium-sized brand owners in the health and healthy lifestyle segment in the Nordic region, other parts of Europe, and in Southeast Asia. In parallel with the process of identifying small and medium-sized brand owners, THiS Group is building on a number of established business relationships initiated since 2016. These contacts represent significant revenue and value with corresponding potential for THiS Group.


We are looking for companies with
  • Knowledgeable and committed entrepreneurs looking to reach new heights and greater volumes
  • Brands and patents in verticals and/or for horizontal value chains
  • Decentralized and self-driven corporate culture
  • High organic growth with good opportunities for cost synergies.
We offer companies
  • Funding through a joint investor network and methods to scale up investments
  • Secure and sustainable scale-up through centralised administration and corporate governance
  • Strengthened market position through improved logistics and relationships with end customers and consumers
  • Payment via shares in the group company, with an earn-out structure
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