THiS Butterfly

We are convinced that health is a matter of individual and social commitment. New health solutions must go from being niche products to become consumer goods. 

For that to happen brand owners must have new tools for better communication and trading letting the entrepreneurs focus on their core competence, getting access to financial and intellectual capital, and making them co-owners of the digital platform.

 THiS is designed for a vibrant and sustainable “butterfly” business movement for competence, corporation, capital, and consumers.

  • The left wing symbolises creators with novel ideas and functional products and services.
  • The right wing represents buyers and consumers. Today, billions of consumers are searching for new and better health and lifestyle products.
  • The body refers to investors with capital and networks needed for market expansion.
  • The dot represents our value principles for continual health and wealth innovation.

Here is where we find our reason to exist. THiS business ecosystem is about providing entrepreneurs with tools for profitability and growth, while also supporting consumers to make good use of good products. 

This ecosystem is based on a shared culture and value foundation in “THiS 6 Value Principles” for sustainable health innovation. Together we will accomplish a “butterfly effect” for faster market entry and sustainable customer relations.