THiS 6 – towards sustainable health businesses

Currently, the US accounts for 30% of the global health and wellness market, but Asia and China in particular are expected to grow strongly in the coming years. China is expected to grow in health and wellness products at a CAGR of 7.5% until 2027, reaching a market value of around $187 billion.

New customers, with new demands and needs, will lead to a lasting market change. Therefore, brand owners and distributors need to adjust their customer offerings and practices. Health entrepreneurs also need to overcome deeper structural barriers to the way health products are produced, marketed, and sold internationally. At present, global supply and demand for health and well-being are not matched. Rather, the market, or markets, are fragmented and highly regulated. Good products and services exist, but they are not available to buyers and users.

THiS 6 principles for global Communication-Commerce

THiS CeC business model is based upon 6 core principles for how to integrate supply and demand for health products:

  1. Economic sustainability for brands
  2. Buy- & usability for target groups
  3. Data validity & reliability for end-users
  4. Ecological sustainability farm-to-fork
  5. Sociability between brands and users
  6. Supply- & sellability for new market

THiS companies and partners contribute to these principles, which are measurable and influence the design and development of the services. By measuring and monitoring the 6 principles, THiS Group aims to provide consumers worldwide with innovative, healthy and sustainable products that improve:

  • Individual health and well-being
  • The profitability of health entrepreneurs
  • Social sustainability on a local and global level


The goal is to integrate all the core principles into the services and products THiS offers, in order to compete with the biggest players in the world market, who focus on a few of these sustainability goals. As the portals expand, consumers will find even more and increasingly transparent products. They will save time and money by accessing reliable information on a wide range of products and services in one place.