THiSCOOP – THiS in action

At we will provide business partners with corporate services from “farm-to-fork”. Producers will be able to trade materials and find subcontractors. Retailers and brand owners will be offered services such as certification, marketing, and sales channels. These corporate services will strengthen your company in emergent markets and help you to compete with significantly larger companies. We intend to make THiSCOOP® the go-to meeting- and marketplace for all kinds of health and wellbeing innovators.

THiSLIV® – streaming health innovation
As a consumer, it is difficult to absorb new health information or services. Rather than one particular diet or app, we need a variety of products and services, combined with trusted information and fun experiences. THiSLIV® is the portal for accessing all these things. Our business partners will be able to connect their services to three departments: THiS Butterfly Mall, THiS Nordic Show, THiS Let’s Meet.